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Deals: Detroit

Welcome to Studio Deals, an unparalleled art collecting experience presented by ArtClvb.

Our next event will take place March 16, 2024.

30 Artists | 19 locations | One Day of in Studio Prices

You must register to attend. You will receive a link to the app and a map of studio locations

Participating Artists

Gretchen Adel • Martyna Alexander • Justin Bean • Habacuc S. Bessiak 

Kaleigh Blevins • Dustin Cook • Cyrah Dardas • Caroline Del Giudice

Sam Dienst • Kaysi Grimes • Erik Handerson • Ryan Herberholz  • Scott Hocking 

Nick Jaskey • Barber Kennedy • Steve Kuypers • Frank Lepkowski • Ivan Montoya Emilia Nawrocki • Jaime Pattison • Michael Polakowski • Sarah Rice • Michael Ross  Emily Schnellbacher • Sarah Rose Sharp • Phillip Simpson • John Sippel

India Solomon • Oshun Williams • Sophia Wojnovich

Artist Bios

Join the Waitlist for Future Events

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You're invited to join the waitlist for Studio Deals in Detroit and Chicago with New York experiences coming soon. This is your exclusive pass to forging meaningful connections with artists and collectors enriching your art collection through organized studio visits.


Direct Art Acquisitions

Explore local studios and acquire work directly from an artist. The ArtClvb app ensures a secure transaction between artists and collectors.


Collector Profiles

Through the ArtClvb app, you will receive a collector profile, displaying your ownership of the newly acquired art. It's a digital representation of your collection and proof of ownership.


Artistic Engagement

Immerse yourself in the artist's world. Witness works in progress, gain insights into their creative process, and establish a meaningful connection with the creators behind the art.



Join a network of collectors for engaging discussions and learn about trends in art.


Artists and studio locations in Detroit will be announced to those in the ArtClvb or selected from the waitlist. Limited spots available. If you are not selected from the waitlist, you will be added to the following event. If you've purchased artwork through the ArtClvb app, you are automatically invited to Studio Deals and a host of other unique ArtClvb events. As a member of ArtClvb you will have access to exclusive experiences.

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