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Sophia Wojnovich is an artist and engineer. She was born in Upstate New York and currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. Sophia holds a bachelor's degree in fine woodworking and furniture design from the Rochester Institute of Technology as well as a master’s degree in 3D design from Cranbrook Academy of Arts. With a background in traditional craft, Wojnovich designs and creates works that live in both the furniture, performance, and sculptural worlds. She pursues the feeling of vulnerability both in work and life, enjoys spending her time with others, and loves platform boots and spicy food. 




In her studio practice, Sophia creates large-scale furniture and experiential installations, exploring a breadth of materiality and form. Her work brings play and joviality to adult spaces with pieces taking nod to childhood activities. Through specific material and form choices, Sophia makes work that encourages exciting interaction and exploration. With her furniture work, she creates pieces that are large and demand attention. The scale of the work asks for interaction and exploration by the viewer. With simple but deliberate form, the focus of the furniture becomes how a person interacts with it and how they feel while doing so. Sophia has recently focused her practice on inflatable furniture, pushing the boundaries of conventional design. Sophia enjoys quilting and collecting vintage furniture and clothing in her free time.

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