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Sam is an artist and weaver currently living and working in Detroit, Michigan. She earned her

BFA in Fiber in 2016 from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She graduated with an
MFA from the Fiber program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2021. Her work has been shown
at multiple shows around the country, most recently a solo show at Gold Montclair Gallery in
New Jersey as well as a group show at KINK Contemporary in Cleveland Ohio.
Much of my work is built out of my personal detritus. I consider my garbage, my clutter, and my
daily rituals to be a major aspect of inadvertent self expression. I like to meditate on the foods,
products and household items that are tangible reflections of my routines. My tapestries are
collages and accumulations of my stuff that I have ambivalent feelings towards or strong
affective relationships to. The weavings then possess a surreal and anthropomorphic quality
that emphasizes the latent energy I see in my recycling, dishes, and daily objects. The elements
may initially seem banal but they often compound to be major parts of who I am. Both the
reconfiguring of the subject matter as well as the physical process of making are just a few of
the games I play with myself in order to explore my relationship to personal choice.

While weaving, my color selections are unplanned. I select colors in relation to those that
preceded them in a somewhat spontaneous fashion. This leads to unorthodox combinations of
colors that break down and distort the original subject matter. My method of working has me
perpetually engaged and keeps the final result a surprise, even to me. The excess of color also
allows ambiguity to form around the objects in the scene, and therefore, prompting viewers to
look longer in order to discover objects they recognize alongside the more uncertain forms.
Once the weaving process is complete I add further complexity to the surface by embellishing
with beads, paint, applique, and embroidery. Some shapes and objects bring a sense of self
reflection while others are very light hearted and comedic. All together the works are awkward,
humorous, chaotic and fun, descriptions I would also apply to myself.

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