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Michael Polakowski was born in Dearborn, MI in 1994 and graduated from The College for Creative Studies in 2016. He co-founded a studio-space called "Gold Top" in Detroit's New Center area. This space acts as a center for his studio practice and as a community space for artists of all backgrounds to develop their practice. Polakowski quickly started showing in the Detroit area and participated in the Red Bull Artist Residency, and has shown at Playground Detroit. His first national solo show took place in 2023 at Thinkspace Projects in LA and he has since shown in galleries in France, Belgium and Hong Kong. He has most recently received a fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center, has been included in New America Paintings, and is currently in a group show at the MIMA Museum in Brussels.


Artist statement: 

Michael Polakowski, a contemporary artist, skillfully uses acrylics and airbrush to create dreamlike sceneries that blur the lines between reality and abstraction. His work invites viewers into a surreal world, where familiar landscapes are transformed into captivating, stylistically abstracted dreamscapes.

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