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Kaysi Grimes is a Detroit based artist that makes paintings that act as a love letter to the world around her.  She is interested in imbuing intimacy into ordinary moments. She is from Visalia, California where she received a foundational art education from College of the Sequoias. She attended Sonoma State University where she graduated with a BFA degree with an emphasis in printmaking. Kaysi received a MFA from the Print Media department at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2020. 


Artist Statement:


My work with painting is a form of consolidating my experiences as well as the camera roll on my phone. I am interested in taking photos from my daily life and creating paintings from the ones I find most interesting later in the studio. The emotional qualities of paint (texture and color) in addition to the autobiographical sense that comes from personal photos helps me to connect deeply to what I am making. The bulk of the paintings become repetitive in nature and serve a purpose for me as a way of marking the passing of time; not unlike keeping a journal.

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