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John Sippel is an interdisciplinary visual artist with a passion for using non-fiction storytelling as a tool to connect and empower. He was born in rural Upstate NY and in 2012, post high school, John moved to Detroit to pursue a life as an artist. Post graduate from the College for Creative Studies, John worked as a film director and visual artist working with brands like GQ, Complex, Lincoln and Carhartt. All the while publishing and exhibiting his non-fiction work via film, photo, writing and installation locally and abroad. 

Artist Statement:
My artistic voice is an amalgamation of the diverse circumstances I have been a part of, my interdisciplinary career in non-fiction storytelling, and a larger commitment to grassroots community and youth work. Whether it be my collage work, photo, film or writing, my work is all centered around documenting and sharing real stories. All in an effort to share the authentic and honest complexities of the human experience while highlighting our shared humanities.

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