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INDIA SOLOMON is a Detroit-based, abstract visual artist raised on the city’s Westside with family across the globe. India creates as a means of ancestral wayfinding through the cultures that make her whole, creating micro-maps of experience that comprise a non-verbal monologue of how she came to be. As a self-taught artist, India’s work is a direct manifestation of the latent creativity within those who came before her – people who lived less freely, waded through less favorable waters, and created out of necessity nonetheless. In pursuit of radical self-determination, India uses her artwork as a platform for broader activism around truth, clarity, freedom, and liberation, particularly for women of color. The full spectrum of her practice includes paintings, garments, home goods, digital works, and murals, all created with the objective of ensuring that as many people as possible find relevance, access, and belonging in her work. Through abstraction, movement, music, color-making, and energetic balancing, India strives to achieve universal appeal while redefining how cultural work is expressed and recognized. Understanding the importance of representation, India is committed to a highly-visible practice; you can find India taking her work to the streets, live-painting at community gatherings, and hosting guided workshops for creators of all ages. 

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