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Gretchen Adel, originally from Lake Orion, MI, earned her BFA from the College for Creative Studies in 2021. Following graduation, she joined the “Gold Top'' cooperative studio space in Detroit, MI, where she continues to develop her painting practice alongside fellow artists. Currently, Gretchen works at Library Street Collective and Louis Buhl & Co. where she is able to promote the careers of other artists while continuing to nurture and inform her own pursuits as a painter.


Artist Statement:

Gretchen Adel’s painting practice delves into the landscapes and environments of her life, seeking to capture the essence of memory and emotion embedded within them. The fragments of places and moments depicted are mundane and quiet in nature, but  the artist’s deep familiarity with these environments and subjects infuses the work with a profound sense of intimacy and nostalgia. Each painting is a physical manifestation of an ongoing exercise of careful observation and mindfulness throughout her day. The act of painting itself furthers this pursuit in its demand of full presence of mind and body. Her paintings ultimately encapsulate the interplay between art and life, where the boundaries between past and present, inner and outer worlds, blur and intertwine.

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