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Frank Lepkowski explores the role of modern technology in society, both in his subject matter and his artistic process. He builds software and web applications that rely on human touch as the primary form of interaction. Intertwining these digital tools and analog techniques, he creates maximalist, multi-layered compositions that reflect the noise and stimuli of the digital age.

His work has been commissioned publicly by Louis Vuitton, Takoi and Complex Media. He is a recipient of the 20/20 Emerging Artists Fellowship through Playground Detroit and the Knight Foundation. He has mounted solo and two-person exhibitions at Playground Detroit (Detroit, MI), LVL3 Gallery (Chicago, IL), and Skylab Gallery (Columbus, OH) and has shown his work internationally in group shows. He is a special lecturer in Oakland University’s department of Art and Art History.

Artist Statement

I’m drawn to depicting the emotion or feeling of a place in an image. So much of our memories are tied up in digital objects: pictures, videos and text messages. But there’s something that feels precarious or fleeting about our digital memories. These paintings of places are about reclaiming these memories and freezing them in time.

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