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Dustin Cook (b.1995) is an artist living and working in Detroit, MI.Received his BFA from College for Creative Studies.



As an abstract artist, my work is a vibrant exploration of color, energy, and the interplay between form and atmosphere. My artistic process is driven by a playful and intuitive approach. Using bold, clean lines and geometric precision, I create compositions that dance with rhythmic vitality, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of dynamic abstraction.

Color plays a pivotal role in my work, acting as a conduit for expressing the rich and varied emotional qualities found in nature and the urban environment. I employ a vibrant palette that harmonizes contrasting hues, creating a sense of harmony and tension within the canvas. By harnessing the power of color, I aim to evoke the essence of different atmospheres, whether it be the tranquil serenity of a flowing river or the pulsating energy of a bustling cityscape.

Ultimately, my art aims to evoke a sense of joy, wonder, and contemplation. I strive to create visual experiences that invite viewers into a realm where color, energy, and form coalesce, transcending the boundaries of the tangible world. Through the language of abstraction, I seek to capture the dynamism of our surroundings, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, the boldness of architectural forms, and the pulsating energy of urban life.

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