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Barber Kennedy is a Detroit-based artist, printmaker, and educator.  Barber Kennedy navigates themes of corporeality, high and low, and ephemerality. Rooted in the art worlds of London and Chicago alongside his father, Mat Barber Kennedy, RI, he gained early exposure to the practices and discipline of the art world. As faculty at University Prep for Art and Design and a former oil painting teacher at The Cooper Union Saturday Program, Barber guides and inspires introspection in his students through experimentation. The exhibitions, Body Worlds, and All Too Human at Tate Modern, as well as texts such as Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium is the Message" and Antonin Artaud's "The Theatre of Cruelty," have shaped much of his thinking around his studio practice. Mentored by acclaimed artists Amy Sillman and Ariana Farmiga, He was recognised with the Vena Tompkins Carroll Award for Excellence in Art upon gaining his BFA from the prestigious Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC. Barber's paintings, prints, and sculptures have been exhibited in notable cities such as Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis.

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